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Common Problems Clients Face when hiring freelancers

Aug 19, 2020

During my career I had many problems when dealing with Clients, but then I thought, what problems do clients face instead?

1. Communication

Communication is one of the most underrated but most critical problem of them all.

High percentage of projects fail because of language bariers or because the freelancer isn’t communicating enough.

this causes the whole project to have a quality less than expected, or simply fails.

When Choosing a freelancer, the very first thing you should look at is:

  1. Language Barriers
  2. Response times

Solution: You can always check the freelancer past reviews, and also have few voice calls to test his english skills before accepting him.

2. Lack of creativity

When you hire a freelancer, you expect the freelancer to be creative enough to suggest ideas or to solve some problems that requires creativity.

When you create say – a prototype of the website on paper, you don’t expect the freelancer to copy everything you draw as it is, right?

If you are looking for a freelancer to design or even develop a website you have to make sure he is creative enough to handle the project.

Solution: Beforing hiring the freelancer, ask them about their inputs or ideas about some problemsYou should expect the freelancer to provide at least one solution to any of your problems.

3. Change in the budget

This one is very faustrating, as a client specially if you are a startup, you always need to make sure that you plan your budget accurately, but how can you do that when the freelancer decides to change the budget in the middle of the project?

If more work has been put in place, a change in budget would have been expected, but what if the requirements never changed?

In this case you as a client have no choice but to accepts his agreement, or negotiate, but in both cases, you lost.

Solution: Before working with a freelancer, you should always have a written agreement that includes all the tasks and the budget.

4. Missing deadlines

We are all humans, missing deadlines happens in a lot of projects, but repeatidly measing deadlines can be very annoying and unprofessional, not only it hurts the freelancer reputation but it also hurts your business if you depend on a specific feature or task to be done on time.

Solution: As a client you always have to discuss worst case scenarios, and try as much as you can to plan the deadlines correctly with the freelancer.

5. Outsourcing

Outsourcing if you ask me, shouldn’t be legal except if the freelancer contacted you first, when a freelancer outsource a project, the overall quality could be affected, because he would be hiring someone who is less skilled than him, or someone who has a very low hourly rate because he is working on too many things.

It also causes a lot of communication issues, because you contact the freelancer, the freelancer contacts the other freelancer, and then he contacts you again

Solution: When starting a project with any freelancer, make sure to discuss the topic and make sure to have the no outsourcing in your written agreement.


Life is hard. for both the clients and the freelancers, I have only overlayed some of the problems clients face when dealing with freelancers, overall you have to do your research on the freelancer before working with him, make sure he is trusted in his field and honest about his work.

What are the problems you face as a client? Share your thoughts below!

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